1. daddysdirtyboy:

    Keep your mouth open!

    Ahhh fuck yeahhh…

    Taste good, boy? Now you can swallow.

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  3. daddylove88:

    This guy makes me melt!!! Absolutely sexy in every way. Would love to fool around with this gorgeous man.

  4. doublefucker:

    Love Addiction - 2009
    Bruno Bordas, Daniel Marvin, Pedro Andreas

    Someone asked about this scene earlier and I finally got around to making gifs out of it. Pretty one-of-a-kind. The top share a double-ended dildo, then get their cocks into a single condom and the bottom rides them. 

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  6. furbucket:

Random Hot 60


    Random Hot 60

  7. bearluver09:


    Allen Carpenter by Rey Rey’s Photography.

    What a beautiful sexy man!

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  9. germanfucker:

    Having some trouble fitting that monster of a cock, eh?

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